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Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Questions Answered

What do you offer?

For the individual, personalized guidance toward a better retirement.

What does that mean, personalized guidance?

I will work with you.  Not software.  Not an 'associate'.  Everything we do will be based on you.

Is it for everyone?

Not at all.  It is only for those who are serious about an in-depth analysis.  That may mean doing some work.

What exactly would we do?

Review where you are now, determine where you'd like to go, and lay out the next steps to get there.

We'll agree to work together for 10 months.


What is the cost?

$2500 for my services.

What else do you offer?

If our work suggests value in further exploring personality and interests, we'll bring in a partner for that work.

For organizations seeking a speaker, or looking to offer education, let's discuss the need.

Foggy Waters
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